Review: Java Heat (2013)

Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke star in Java Heat, a film where an undercover agent soon becomes the prime suspect in a bombing case...

Java Heat is an Indonesian action film set in Java. Kellan Lutz (of Twilight fame) plays Jake Travers, an ex-marine turned FBI agent who is posted there under the cover of an American grad TA who is trying to bring down a terrorist cell. He has been tracking the bombings across the country and is finally getting close. However, his plans are thwarted by a local cop – Hashim, played by Ario Bayu, who believes at first he is involved in the most recent bombing which saw the country’s first female Sultan killed – or so they thought. The two then decide to work together while building an unlikely friendship in order to track down the real bomber and also find out where the Sultana has gone.

Oh and Mickey Rourke plays a jewel thief.

There are many problems with Java Heat which explains why it is a straight to DVD release over here in the UK. The plot is messy and not really controlled, the acting is mediocre and not at any point can you understand what Mickey Rourke is saying. It’s clear to see why Lutz signed up to such a project having been somewhat buried in the Twilight Saga – this is a chance to shine as the leading action man with the physique to prove it, however it just doesn’t fit. He looks the part but has none of the acting chops to full pull it off. Even his partnership with Hashim is not quite right as the two men don’t really muster the sort of chemistry that is usually seen in films with fellow law enforcement at logger heads. However, Ario Bayu does actually impress.

The action sequences seem a bit lazy and mainly consist of lots of bomb explosions and shoot outs as the main attractions but because they happen quite often even these lose scale and fail to impress. There is also the introduction of split screens which again just add to the mediocre nature of it and its direction.

Overall Java Heat is very much a straight to DVD effort, which means many will know what to expect. It’s not one to rush out and buy – more a film if you want a late night film on a Friday when there’s nothing better to watch.

Best scene: The shoot-out in Jake’s apartment

Best line: “I always thought the mind was the best weapon” – Hashim

Best performance: Kellan Lutz

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