Review: One Fine Day (1996)

George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer star in One Fine Day...

One Fine Day is a comforting rom-com starring two of the biggest stars of the 90’s – George Clooney stars as Jack Taylor and Michelle Pfeiffer as Melanie Parker, both of whom are excellent in their stereotypical roles of career-driven singles who have everything except love.

One Fine Day is an enjoyable watch despite the stereotypical characters and plot line. Echoing the Nora Ephron template for a successful romantic comedy, One Fine Day deploys two successful middle-class Americans who appear to focus solely on their careers. Of course when the leads initially meet they don’t seem to be overly fond of one another. As the film progresses however they eventually fall in love.

What makes One Fine Day stand out, despite it being so generic, is not the chemistry between Clooney and Pfeiffer but their children. Giving this rom-com an edge on its peers, the kids make the frustrating plot situations of ‘wrong place wrong time’ more than bearable as well as adding plenty of comedic cuteness.

So, Clooney and Pfeiffer meet, they don’t like each other and both are so focused on their careers that their kids ending up missing a school field trip. They must then keep an eye on one another’s children as the other saves their career. There are a host of quick-witted exchanges between the two, they start to like each other, the day ends with the children watching the Wizard of Oz and the grown-ups having a kiss and a cuddle and starting a ‘relationship’. All-in-all though this is a really great little rom-com which isn’t too far from the classic When Harry Met Sally’s and Sleepless in Seattle’s .

Best performance: George Clooney as Jack Taylor.
Best scene: The final sequence. The kids are asleep, the grown-ups are getting romantic and ‘One Fine Day‘ by The Chiffons begins to play.
Best line: Jack: You know what my mother used to say to me?
Melanie: Gee, no, what?
Jack: Love your guy like a little boy and he’ll grow into a man.
Melanie: So she knew back then that you were gay?
Watch this if you liked: When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle.
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