Vince Vaughn: Wasted Talent?

Vince Vaughn is a much loved actor but one who stars in many bad movies, however, he is entertaining and his presence improves many films.

Vince Vaughn has firmly established himself in the world of comedy, becoming a frequent star in the biggest and most publicized comedies and rom-coms. Along with his pairing with Owen Wilson, Vaughn is known for his quotable speeches, inappropriate humour and fast speech pattern. It seems rare to find anyone who dislikes him, and he is undoubtedly a very talented and humorous performer, but what is with all of the questionable movies?

In 1998 Vince starred in Gus Van Sant’s shot-for-shot remake of Psycho, a film that still garners negative attention to this day; but despite these reactions, Vaughn’s performance as Norman Bates, which was famously portrayed by Anthony Perkins in the 1960 original, was made his own. In recreating such a famous and celebrated portrayal, Vaughn steered clear of mimicking Perkins, instead opting for a disturbing awkwardness which fits the character surprisingly well. We believe that this is one of the many examples of Vaughn’s performances outshining films, and he has gone on to improve many bad movies with his talent and humour.

Vince portrayed Raji in Be Cool in 2005, an offensive, pimp wannabe and psychopath, donning tacky velvet tracksuits, cowboy hats and fake Burberry coats. His character is the epitome of tacky, in a tacky mess of a film that is otherwise quite fun; it is undoubtedly improved by Vaughn’s attempts at gangster talk and his relationship with his gay bodyguard, played by The Rock. The sight of Vince doing the running man dance whilst shouting ‘e weeeezy!’ and ‘twinkle twinkle baby’ at a disgruntled Dwayne Johnson is hilarious, and exemplary of his ability to morph into many types of character.

Since then he has been in plenty of disappointing films, from The Break Up to Four Christmases to The Watch, but, similarly, his presence seems to be the highlight of such films. He took a supporting role alongside Ben Stiller in the aforementioned film The Watch and stood out amongst the four main protagonists; where Ben Stiller’s awkward good-guy act fell flat, Vaughn provided the laughs with his usual childish, inappropriate, but hilarious humour.

Despite starring in some pretty bad movies, Vince Vaughn is still very loveable, so it would be awesome to see him perform in a solid, original and creative comedy, and even more dramatic roles. He has the talent, we just wish it went to better use. Do you love Vince Vaughn as much as us?

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