How to Portray a Seth Rogen Character

Seth Rogen is seemingly typecast as the funny and loveable oaf - we take a look at the similar format of his characters.

Seth Rogen has established himself as a successful actor, writer and producer, featuring in hits such as Pineapple Express, Knocked Up and 50/50. While he is an undoubtedly hilarious performer and comedian, his performances are often very similar. Here, Roobla uses the above films as example to pin point the similarities between his characters, and lets you know how you can portray a Seth Rogen character today.

1.       He smokes a lot of weed

Seth is seen smoking marijuana on the job (Pineapple Express), and dedicates a lot of his time to lounging about on the couch, playing video games and chilling with his friends (Knocked Up), with a blunt, of course. He even takes advantage of his friend’s medicinal marijuana prescription (50/50), but ultimately, he is always a great friend and a nice person.

2.       He tells a lot of jokes

Come out with the most obscene, offensive and disgusting jokes at inappropriate times and you are one step closer to becoming a Seth Rogen character. He’s awkward at the dinner table with his young girlfriend and her parents (Pineapple Express), he’s embarrassing in the doctor’s office during a pregnancy appointment (Knocked Up), and he’ll even use his friend’s cancer to pick up women (50/50). However, Rogen’s humour always ends up being good fun, and his inappropriateness is soon forgotten.

3.       He has a lot of bromances

Seth’s characters are very loyal to their friends, and he values their friendship immensely. He’s has formed bromances with the likes of James Franco (Pineapple Express), Paul Rudd (Knocked Up) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (50/50). He’ll often take the sides of his buddies over women, enjoying freedom and a lack of responsibility. These bromances are often hilarious, especially when paired with talented actors like himself.

4.       He’s a slob

Seth’s characters usually don’t care much for their health, opting for an abundance of fatty snacks and alcohol, this usually isn’t a problem in his bromances (Pineapple Express and 50/50), but he can find himself in a pickle with any love interests (Knocked Up). Ultimately, we think Seth’s slobbiness makes him more relatable, where’s the fun in a health freak?


While Rogen is seemingly typecast as the funny, loveable oaf, we can’t help but adore his performances. He writes some great comedies, makes us giggle throughout his films and introduces some great pairings, and for now, we love it.

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