Jurassic Park IV Not Far Away

Jurassic Park IV is alive and well, and T-Rex and co are to hit our screens once more...

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust when you thought it was safe to go off exploring some faraway tropical island, Rex Appeal is set to make a comeback in the form of Jurassic Park IV!

It was as recent as May when legions of fans were numb with disappointment, as they had resigned themselves to the fact that the project was stalling, and feared it would be lucky to see the light of day at all. One member of the film’s production tweeted, “Hollywood creates and crushes dreams. Goodbye JP4.” What a difference a month makes though, with director Colin Trevorrow retorting that it was “very much alive. We’re writing and designing. More news coming soon.”

The 2013 Licensing Expo seems to have given the game away anyway, to banish any lingering doubts. There was, reportedly, a Jurassic Park IV banner with the year 2015 slapped across it, with further notes confirming that it will be in 3D, which should create maximum thrills and spills.

While this latest incarnation, upon release, will have only been 14 years in the making rather than 65 million, that’s quite long enough for devotees of T-Rex and company. Since the release of 2001’s Jurassic Park III, the only creature-feature of real note has been 2005’s King Kong, where the dinosaurs were reduced almost to cameo roles – it just doesn’t seem right, does it.

Now to make you feel old, Trevorrow also tweeted recently an image of some toys that went on sale to coincide with the release of the original movie: “Back at work today, toys from twenty years ago waiting in my office.” I know, where have all the years gone? Since 1993 however, and even 2001, the field of palaeontology has made some startling discoveries, so will any of these be in evidence in Jurassic Park IV? Some of the dinosaur designs have a new, hybridised feel to them, so it could well be a thumbs-up on this score.

With all this to look forward to, who cares if we have to wait a little longer? As usual, stick with Roobla for any developments.

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