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Sam Mendes in Talks to Direct next Bond Film

Sam Mendes is in talks to direct the follow-up to his 2012 Bond movie Skyfall

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was thought Sam Mendes, director of such films as American Beauty and Road to Perdition, would not be returning to helm the next Bond movie after taking charge on 2012’s smash hit Skyfall. His excuse was his commitments to stage productions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Shakespeare’s King Lear. However, it now seems the people at the top like Sam so much they’re willing to put Bond’s 24th outing on hold until he’s free to work on it.

Reportedly Mendes is now in talks with Sony and MGM, and is also back in contact with erstwhile Bond producers Michael G Wilson and the brilliant Barbara Broccoli. If Mendes does indeed get back on the 007 horse, then the next film will not only be the first Judi Dench-less Bond since 1989’s Licence to Kill, but also the first time the same person has directed two consecutive Bond films since John Glen pumped out five in a row in the 1980s.

Many famous names were floating around the director’s chair following Mendes’ original announcement that he would not be returning, including those of Ang Lee and even Christopher Nolan, but it seems that in the end no-one but Mendes would suffice. This may have something to do with the fact that the Mendes directed Skyfall became the highest grossing Bond film of all time, taking $1.1bn at the box office. The film also benefited from the disquieting presence of Javier Bardem as villain Raoul Silva, and was generally very well reviewed (here at Roobla, we gave it five stars).

There has been some conjecture that after only three films Daniel Craig might have had his day as the immortal secret agent. He’s likely to be pushing fifty by the time the next film appears, but there seems to be a general feeling that this doesn’t matter one bit. The people have spoken, and the people love Daniel Craig – he’s been contracted for a repeat performance in films 24 and 25. If and when he brings his sassy dirty blonde Bond back to our screens, it’s unlikely we’ll turn our noses up at a few extra wrinkles.

Sam Mendes has not yet been officially confirmed as director for the next Bond, nor have any secrets been revealed concerning the plot of the next film. However, there is a rumour going around that the plots of films 24 and 25 will, like Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, be linked. If this is true, then it could mean we end up with Mendes as director for not one, not two, but three Bond films in a row. Pick your jaws off the floor and watch this space, film fans.

Sources: Deadline, Guardian

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