Top 7 Films That Spawned The Most Disappointing Sequels

A list of seven great original films that generated some of the worst sequels in cinema.

It’s depressing when beloved films are soiled by a wave of flawed, needless sequels that follow as a result of their huge triumphs. In order to cash in on the sensation most filmmakers decide that it’s a good idea to blemish the view of the original film by producing run-of-the-mill sequels and spin offs. Here we explore seven great films that have fabricated some truly awful sequels.


 7. Scary Movie (2000)

The Original: Scary Movie is a shrewd little film mocking the all too serious teen slasher flicks of modern cinema. Purposefully ridiculous, this parody film knew not to take itself too seriously and generated enormous hilarity while doing so. It worked colossally well as singular factor and it is clear that it didn’t need any lazy follow-ups.


The Sequels: By the time the filmmakers vomited out the third film, it was clear that they were just going through the motions at that point. Instead of growing in popularity and merriment, the Scary Movie franchise ended up ridiculing itself with deficient jokes and repetitive story line as seen in the latest instalment. Furthermore Scary Movie is solely responsible for the god awful upsurge of other putrid, unwitty parody films.


6. Final Destination (2000)

The Original: Despite the film’s mixed perception upon release, Final Destination certainly fetches the right chills and foreboding atmosphere through the innovative narrative and clever twists concerning the malevolence of death. Final Destination is an entertaining teenage slasher film that holds its own.


The Sequels: This film series got worse and worse with time as it became another croaking franchise that was just embarrassingly awaiting its end. The creators sent this story to its doom with archaic characters and a dull, still atmosphere with the same thing happening over and over. The sequels became an exercise in constructing extravagant deaths rather than actually creating an unnerving atmosphere or interesting and engaging characters.


5. American Pie (1999)

The Original: This raunchy, surprisingly realistic teen comedy constructs some clever stabs at high school culture and the adolescent minds attempting to deal with newfound urges and embarrassing crises that befall on them. American Pie re-invents the genre offering up a heart-warming, enjoyable comedy flick.


The Sequels: Astoundingly American Pie 2 (2001) delivered the similar hilarious atmosphere as its predecessor generating the opinions of it not being an entirely bad sequel. The repetitive stories of the last two instalments however became dreary and a little drawn out leaving the franchise on a somewhat cloudy note. Still not as bad as some other sequels though…


4. Saw (2004)

The Original: Savagely entertaining and a hit for the avid horror fans, the first instalment of the Saw franchise manifested some innovative concepts, gruesome scenes and a well thought out story of haunting redemption through grisly torment.


The Sequels: Despite Saw II (2005) being somewhat watchable, the films that followed became excruciatingly predictable, dreary and just plain foolish. The films scarcely shifted the story along at all. The sequels merely recycled the outdated gore and horror from the first two instalments and hardly fetched any fresh tension and intensity and were purely crafted for the purpose of sucking as much profit as can be possible out of the decayed franchise.


3. Hellraiser (1987)

The Original: Hellraiser is Clive Barker’s state-of-the art; terrifying hell is real experience that sends shivers up the spine. Such an inventive piece of work can only be praised for its astonishing visuals and the ways in which Clive Barker turns a harmless puzzle box into a keeper of the frightening and torturous forces of hell. Hellraiser is undoubtedly another classic, great film tainted by a flood of insufficient sequels.


The Sequels: The original film gave birth to some truly appalling and incompetent sequels. The filmmakers managed to spew out eight of the hideously bad attempts at recreating Clive Barker’s original, thrilling experience, failing horribly in the process. It finally ended in 2011 when the filmmakers extracted as much profit as was possible, leaving the classic slightly spoilt.


2. Jaws (1975)

The Original: The brilliant film that is Jaws still now, decades later, remains as one of the utmost frightening and ominous films that has ever graced film theatres. Steven Spielberg crafts such a surreal, chilling experience through his shark saga providing his audience with unexpected twists and heart-stopping thrills. Jaws transformed the image of sharks making people question themselves before stepping into the water.


The Sequels: Jaws 2 (1978) was passable as a sequel but nowhere near as threatening or as clever as the original. Although the second instalment hardly delivered anything fresh on the overall exciting shark story, it didn’t however completely derive from the plot which is what the third and final instalment of the Jaws franchise certainly did do. By the time Jaws 3 (1983) leeched itself onto the first two, the whole series just kicked the bucket. The needless and the undeniably incompetent final film was simply a mockery of the story.


1. The Matrix (1999)

The Original: When The Matrix hit theatres, the flawless notion and incredible special effects blew the minds of many cinema goers and science fiction fans. This ground-breaking and fiercely engaging narrative is considered to be one of the most influential science fiction films of all time. Needless to say that the original, bold film was entirely self-sufficient and the pointless sequels were not needed but sadly, the filmmakers thought otherwise.


 The Sequels: The last two instalments of the franchise were a huge disappointment for the loyal Matrix fans. They provided absolutely no depth to the brilliant first film and explored the innovative concepts to a lesser extent and gave off a much lazier, ambiguous atmosphere and story line in comparison. The series finale offered up an inadequate, monotonous ending to the franchise faintly wrecking the independent film in the process.

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