Iron Man 3 Burning up the UK Box Office

The third Iron Man film has hugely outperformed both its predecessors at the UK box office

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]012 was a banner year at the UK box office, but it looks as though 2013 is right on its tail. Iron Man 3 has achieved the biggest opening of the year so far, taking 13.7m in just five days on release, and 125.7m internationally. The film trounced this year’s previous UK record holder Les Miserables, which took only 8.1m on its debut, but failed to beat last year’s Marvel earner Avengers Assemble, which achieved 15.8m on its opening weekend.

The statistics junkies are eager to see what the third Iron Man film’s box office performance will be, taking into account the recent popularity of Avengers Assemble. Bearing in mind that the first two Iron Man films took opening totals of 5.47m and 7.66m respectively, the Guardian’s Charles Gant has reasoned that at the box office Iron Man 3 is performing more like a sequel to Avengers Assemble, in which Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr)also played a pivotal role.

The Marvel-verse seems to owe a debt of gratitude to Avengers Assemble, which appears to have opened the door to the world stage for the franchises of characters involved. Apart from Iron Man 3, this year will also see the release of Thor: The Dark World, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be hot on its heels in 2014. It’s not unreasonable to predict that both of these films will do far better at the box office than they would have had it not been for the blockbusting super-ensemble that was Avengers Assemble.

Iron Man 3 will be released in the US on Friday 3rd of May, and is expected to rake it in like nobody’s business. But can it come close to the stateside total of Avengers Assemble? We’ll be keeping an eye on the numbers…

Sources: BBC, Guardian
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