Tom Hiddleston hot for The Crow Remake

The Avengers actor is in line to star in a remake of The Crow

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t’s had more names linked to it than Kevin Bacon, but now Tom Hiddleston has emerged as the hot new favourite to land the part of Eric Draven in a remake of the classic 1994 supernatural thriller The Crow.

Reportedly seen out dining with execs from Relativity Media – the company behind the billed picture – Hiddleston is apparently very enthusiastic about it all. This is news which will come as a relief to many, who have, quite frankly, been getting rather bored of waiting since the project was first announced back in December 2008.

Of course, anyone in line for playing the lead would need to be able to carry off the trademark Draven face paint and mascara that the original ‘Crow’, the late Brandon Lee, so memorably wore. Hiddleston has already sent in his own make-up test to producers, but it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be able to pull-off a killer guitar solo. Yet the War Horse star was far from the original choice for the role. Probably the most notable ‘drop-out’ was Bradley Cooper, who had to jump ship when clashes with filming for Silver Linings Playbook became apparent. Mark Wahlberg and Channing Tatum were both set to step in at one stage, whilst James McAvoy was the last to ultimately want out.

As good as the original was, the sequels and reworkings of The Crow have been mediocre at best. Aside from The Crow: Stairway to Heaven, a made-for TV series from the late 1990’s, there have been no less than three movies, all of which have been sequels: City of Angels (1996); Salvation (2000); and Wicked Game (2005). Whilst all three films were panned by the critics, Wicked Game is widely considered to be the baddest of the bad.

Hopefully all you Crow aficionados who have been waiting patiently since 2008 won’t be disappointed for a fourth time.

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