Jane Got a Villain – His Name is Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is to play the villain in Jane Got a Gun

Bradley Cooper has joined troubled western Jane Got a Gun as the film’s main villain.

As we previously reported Jane Got a Gun has had a tough time of late. After having its male lead, Michael Fassbender, drop out, director Lynne Ramsay also upped sticks on the first day of shooting. Jude Law was set to play the villain only to follow Ramsay out the door. Since then Joel Edgerton has shifted from villain to hero duties, taking up Fassbender’s role. Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor has also joined the film, jumping into Ramsay’s director’s chair to helm the project.

Cooper will star as the leader of a band of criminals out to kill the titular Jane’s (Natalie Portman) wounded husband. Jane seeks the help of a former lover (Edgerton) to help defend her and her husband.

Cooper will squeeze this one in after he wraps up filming David O. Russell’s yet to be named 70’s thriller, which is shooting now in Boston. Russell’s latest has gathered quite an impressive cast with the likes of Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, Michael Pena and Amy Adams all involved, as well as the deliriously funny Louis C.K. The film depicts the true story of an FBI investigation into police corruption during the 1970’s.

Jane Got a Gun is set for a 2014 release.

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