Helen Mirren to ‘stand-in’ for Queen on official engagements

Well known actress Helen Mirren is set to reprise her role as Queen Elizabeth II...

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ovie Farm has learned that Her Majesty the Queen has agreed to allow acting legend Helen Mirren to stand in for her in some overseas official engagements.

The actress, who famously played our beloved monarch in box office smash The Queen, has recently been reported to be reprising the role when hit play ‘The Audience’ heads to Broadway, New York. However it seems that the crown won’t be left in the dressing room as Dame Mirren has been asked to help out with a few official engagements in the former colonies.

Palace spokeswoman, April Foley, says: “HRH was a little apprehensive at first but after she realised that most people state-side think that Helen Mirren is the Queen anyway, she was really up for it.”

Speaking about the engagements the Hollywood legend might be asked to attend, April added: “Well we’ve heard that Mr Obama is always asking for Ma’am to come over for dinner so this would help ease off that pressure a bit, and if any new shops in Bel Air want someone special to open them then maybe Helen could help out with that too, just so long as she picks me up some new Manolos.”

When asked if Helen would have any official powers, like handing out Knighthoods and such, the Palace refused to comment.

If you hadn’t noticed, this was an April fools!

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