Top 6 Most Terrifying Movie Villains

A short list of some of the most terrifying movie villains in cinema history, looking into the most psychotic and the most malevolent.

Naturally the protagonist is always favoured and for good reason, the hero always saves the day! However it is hard to deny our admiration of the villainous characters, we want to know the reasons for their wicked intentions and we cannot deny the intrigue inspired by their intriguing minds. Their lack of sympathy for humanity is undoubtedly scary, especially when they have no reasoning for their horrible deeds. A lot of movie villains verify that you don’t need to be a ghoul or a creature from outer space to be terrifying; here we look at some of the most malevolent movie villains in cinema history.


6. Patrick Bateman

Played by: Christian Bale in American Psycho (2000)

Patrick Bateman is a psychopath. He is malicious, merciless, and cold-hearted and, worst of all, he knows it. He openly admits that he is insane and he welcomes it. He expresses it to co-workers and strangers who sadly are indifferent to his increasing hatred for the world. Patrick is slick and charming which helps in disguising his unemotional personality and cruel murderous intentions. Patrick Bateman is just evil; he has absolutely no justification for his actions. He just does what he does because he wants to.  Scary isn’t he?


5. President Snow

Played By: Donald Sutherland in The Hunger Games (2012)

President Snow is a different kind of villain; he commits unspeakable crimes so that his authority would be widely feared in the world that he dominates. He controls and conducts a game in which young adults of both sexes are forced to kill each other to survive and the consequences of disobeying him are firm, Snow is not afraid to dispose of those that pose a threat to his reign. He is described to smell like blood and roses, what can be creepier than that!?


4. Hannibal Lecter

Played By: Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Suppose you meet a guy who is genuinely charismatic, sophisticated and exceedingly smart and then it turns out he eats people. Well that man is Hannibal Lecter, a truly horrifying villain with a taste for human flesh. He is a cunning criminal who is able to manipulate and twist not only his victims and patients but also authoritative figures into doing anything he desires with his frightening and imposing personality. Just imagine him feeding bits of brain to unknowing kids on a plane and try to sleep without having nightmares.


3. Annie Wilkes

Played by: Kathy Bates in Misery (1990)

Annie Wilkes justifies her cruel behaviour by stating that she is only following the instructions of God, she announces herself to be a devout Christian. Her deranged mind causes her to believe that her actions are truly just, making her an unquestionably unhinged individual. Kathy Bates creates a disturbing portrayal of the violent and malicious character, making Annie Wilkes just that bit more fearsome. She is cunning in hiding her aggressive and inhuman ways by fooling not only the audience but also her unknowing victim Paul Sheldon who is injured after a fatal car crash which lands him in the hands of this sadistic manic. How unlucky can you get?


2. Nurse Ratched

Played by: Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)

Nurse Ratched is evil made flesh. She dominates a psych ward in a mental institution, forcing her tyranny upon the helpless patients that reside there. She solely controls the administration of necessities and if her authority is questioned or disobeyed, she has the power to deny or lessen these basic needs. She relishes in the fact that her patients are afraid of her, she demands it. Nurse Ratchet is the epitome of a ruthless dictator, she is not afraid to crush the ones who defy her showing no remorse for her actions whatsoever.  Ratched destroys the willpower of her patients, by performing frontal lobotomies, damaging their mental state and causing suicide which only intensifies the hatred for her character. She gives hospitals a bad name.


1. Amon Goeth

Played by: Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List (1993)

Portrayed by Ralph Fiennes and evil to the absolute core, Goeth is a Nazi commanding officer in charge of a Plaszow death camp. He is truly an atrocious human being, responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Jews in the Plaszow concentration camp.  Amon Goeth’s cruelty and lack of pity is revealed explicitly through his usage of Jewish prisoners for target practice. The Nazi officer is executed by hanging and what should be a satisfying moment is spoiled when he utters his everlasting loyalty to Hitler meaning that even when death is imminent, his regret for his appalling actions is still non-existent.

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