Top 5 Films Directed by Danny Boyle

A list of some of Danny Boyle’s greatest directorial achievements. His style of film-making is no doubt unique and that is shown in these films.

Danny Boyle is clearly an avid film maker. Over the years his film-making has shown an immense amount of talent, his films diverse from one extreme to the other. The Oscar-winning director has done films on severe drug abuse, terrifying thrillers about zombies and emotionally inducing real-life stories. Here we look at some of Danny Boyle’s most memorable directorial triumphs.


5. Sunshine

Danny Boyle takes us on a race against time to rescue planet Earth in this mind-blowing sci-fi thriller. Set in a time where the world’s most essential life force is burning out, a crew of eight astronauts make it their mission to reach the dying sun in an attempt to save humanity before it is too late. Boyle brings enormous excitement to the screen with stunning shots and nail-biting action whilst the extraordinarily gifted cast is just another bonus to the brilliant film that is Sunshine. It is a stimulating ride of a film that proves there is more to science fiction films than just mediocre thrills and sluggish computer generated images. Boyle builds horrific tension through his characters showing just what people are willing to do when faced with a life-threatening event.


4. 28 Days Later

28 Days Later is an unsettling thriller about an unexpected outbreak of an unknown, deadly virus spreading rapidly through the UK. The film centres on a group of desperate survivors attempting to find refuge from the relentless, growing zombie population. With constant shocks and chills around every corner, Danny Boyle crafts the perfect apocalyptic zombie film with not only frightening violence but also with a deep exploration of the ruthlessness of human nature through the survival instinct of his characters. The gifted performances delivered by the well-chosen cast only add to the attraction of the film.


3. 127 Hours

Danny Boyle’s adaptation of Aron Ralston’s extraordinary story is moving, gut-wrenching and not for the cowardly with a marvellous performance delivered by James Franco. At the heart of this inspirational film lies a story of a man who endures physical suffering and mental torment and still manages to gain the courage to break out with his life intact, taking us into the light along with him. The mental paranoia that Ralston goes through is deeply penetrating throughout the traumatic days of his entrapment. The guts that he displays through the harrowing 60 second arm-cutting scene is without a doubt hard to watch but at the same time you are unable to look away. Boyle’s superb efforts as a director clearly show in the masterpiece that is 127 Hours.


2. Slumdog Millionaire

Danny Boyle brings to the screen an extremely powerful portrayal of a young man accused of cheating on India’s version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’.  Once again Danny Boyle visually awes his audience through this gritty, at times humorous and enormously touching drama. Slumdog Millionaire delivers a tough and ruthless look at the slums of India, gang violence and shocking poverty but at the same time the film provides a beautiful uplifting ending which gives it edge and excitement making it an out of this world experience.


1. Trainspotting

Trainspotting is a film that intensely eyeballs the terrifying dependence that drug taking induces. Through creative visual style and the ingenious performances, Danny Boyle forms an outstandingly thought-provoking film. It carries wit and intelligence whilst also presenting the audience with the sheer horror of a junkie lifestyle. Danny Boyle’s pure talent is evident in this remarkable piece of film-making and it could easily be said that Trainspotting is his greatest achievement.

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