Top 6 Actors You Wouldn’t Believe Have Never Won An Oscar

Read our list of multi-talented actors who haven’t yet won an Academy Award but clearly deserve to due to their efforts in the film industry.

After this year’s 85th annual Academy Awards, deserving honours were won by worthy actors and actresses, no questions need be asked about the eligibility of the winners but every so often there are times when several actors and actresses walk away from The Oscars without having been recognised. Cinema history is jam-packed with actors and actresses who have never won an Oscar but deserve to. Here we name the six most deserving, who still have a chance.


1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt, who throughout his career has proved he is an exceptionally gifted actor, has yet to have walked away with Hollywood’s most sought-after prize. It is truly astonishing that after being nominated for three acting Oscars in his career, Brad Pitt has not once walked away with a win. He has lost three times to other celebrated actors; Kevin Spacey in the intense film The Usual Suspects in 1996, Sean Penn in the brilliant film Milk in 2009 and to Jean Dujardin in the infamous masterpiece of a film The Artist in 2012. Surely an Academy Award is on the cards for multi-talented Brad Pitt in the foreseeable future.

2.  Bruce Willis

Born in West Germany and raised in the USA, Bruce Willis has been a Hollywood star for most of his adult life. Best known for his hard-nosed or at times comical characters, Bruce Willis has yet to receive an Academy Award for his triumphant efforts in the film industry. Although Bruce Willis has always been seen as an action movie star more than anything else who would want to disregard his impressive roles in other films such as Pulp Fiction (1994), Twelve Monkey (1995), The Sixth Sense (1999), Sin City (2005) and other box office hits. His huge capacities as an actor clearly warrant the prize; evidently the Academy Awards have yet to recognise it.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio

Receiving his first acting credit at the age of 15, Leonardo DiCaprio has been in many films portraying countless different roles. Throughout his acting career, DiCaprio has received as many as three Oscar nominations for his performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), The Aviator (2004) and Blood Diamond (2006). He lost each time to three undoubtedly great opponents; Tommy Lee Jones in the brilliant and fast paced film The Fugitive (1993), Jamie Foxx in the inspirational film Ray (2004) and Forest Whittaker in one of the most memorable films of all time The Last King of Scotland (2007). With his impressive career still growing, Leonardo DiCaprio still has plenty of time to bag himself an Academy Award in the future.

4. Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman is a man of many talents as he has shown throughout his diverse career, playing many distinctive characters. He has, however, been typecast to play baddie roles in a large number of his films. Nevertheless, this has not hindered his role-playing ability but sadly Hollywood has not rewarded him with an Academy Award just yet. Gary Oldman has been nominated just once for his role in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (2011) but he, like many others, lost to Jean Dujardin in the film The Artist (2011). It is somewhat difficult to believe that Gary Oldman was not given a nomination for one of his most memorable performances in the film Leon (1994).

5. Sigourney Weaver

Being the only actress on this list, Sigourney Weaver has starred in her fair share of great films and has been nominated for an Oscar three times in her career. She was nominated for her role in the infamous film Alien (1986), her unforgettable and powerful role in Gorillas in the Mist (1988) and for the fun and perky film Working Girl (1988). Despite these three nominations, Sigourney Weaver failed to walk away with an Oscar. She lost her prize to three other great actresses; Marlee Matlin in Children of a Lesser God (1986), Jodie Foster in The Accused (1988) and Geena Davis in The Accidental Tourist (1988). Although her career has never slowed, the chances of Sigourney Weaver winning an Oscar look slim but nevertheless she deserves a place on this list.

6. Samuel L. Jackson

Over the course of his career, Samuel L. Jackson has starred in over 100 films playing a range of different roles, from hardened criminal characters to daring action hero characters. He mainly stars in big budget action films now which will hardly win him an Academy Award but Samuel L. Jackson has received one nomination for an Oscar in his career. He was nominated for his performance in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction (1994) however he lost the award to Martin Landau in the film Ed Wood (1994). Samuel L. Jackson has clearly earned an Oscar but only time can tell us if he will ever win one.


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