Top 6 Underrated Performers

Six actors and actresses who are underrated, deserving of more recognition than they receive. Featuring Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell.

Straight off the back of award season, a select few performers become massive stars, but what about the actors and actresses who consistently put on fine performances and receive little recognition? While undoubtedly a blessing where paparazzi and crazed fans are concerned, the following performers are great at their jobs, and their names deserve to be uttered more.

The Actresses
Maggie Gyllenhaal

Best known as the sister of Jake Gyllenhaal, Maggie’s filmography stretches far beyond a small role as his on-screen sister in Donnie Darko. She is very talented and brave, having starred in plenty of quirky and daring roles.

See: Secretary, Crazy Heart, Sherrybaby

Michelle Williams

Williams may have gained popularity as the girlfriend of the late Heath Ledger but she really shines in dramatic roles, especially in gritty indie flicks such as Wendy and Lucy.

See: Brokeback Mountain, Wendy and Lucy

Juliette Lewis

She is often seen in supporting roles, but no matter how little the role, her presence enhances each film she stars in. Hollywood needs more badass females like Lewis.

See: From Dusk Till Dawn, Natural Born Killers

The Actors
Sam Rockwell

An overall impressive actor, the talented Rockwell is great in roles ranging from the outrageous Wild Bill in The Green Mile to the deadly serious Kenny in Conviction. He’s in a league above some of the most awarded actors and we’re yet to see the best from him.

See: Moon, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Casey Affleck

Outshined by his older brother Ben Affleck, Casey is often the unsung hero of the films he stars in. He has a great on-screen presence and is especially talented at playing awkward characters.

See: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Gerry

Donnie Whalberg

Another performer who is overlooked in favour of his brother Mark, Donnie is great on screen, we especially love him as warm and friendly characters such as Lt. Lipton in Band of Brothers. He’s an experienced actor whose talent extends far beyond his position in boy band New Kids on the Block.

See: Dreamcatcher, Saw II

Who else do you think deserves more recognition? Let us know below!

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