Domino's Box Office – Get a Pizza the Action

We got a few friends round and tried out the Domino's Box Office promotion. Here's what we thought...

We live in an ever-changing world. Gone are the video shop behemoths, vanishing too are the movie rental outlets that used to pepper the streets of our local towns. Luckily, takeaway food is far from disappearing and Domino’s new Box Office promotion aims to marry the two together, offering everything you need for a movie night in with your friends.

The premise is simple; Domino’s offer customers the choice of ordering a movie online with their pizza delivery.


The online set up of this promotion is a little confusing at first. If you visit the “Domino’s Pizza Box Office” site you’ll find yourself met with a small dialogue box that asks for your voucher code. This is because when you order your food online you’re given a code to access the movies available. Though a link to the Domino’s site is provided in this dialogue box it would perhaps make sense to offer the choice to purchase your meal on the Box Office site itself.

When you arrive on the Domino’s site you have to provide your postcode before being able to see the menu – a minor niggle but a niggle nonetheless, especially if you’re in an outlying area where the software deems your local outlet to be one that is a lot further away than it thinks. The ordering process itself is hassle free and easy – as long as you know what it is everybody wants on their pizza!

Our order included two pizzas, some sides and Domino’s Cookies. We were also intrigued by the new Domino’s Hot Dog Stuffed Crust with Mustard option so we tried that too.

The Movies

Commendably it’s easy to order your movie – simply select which film category you’d like to select from and your film order is placed. You can then choose which film you’d like to watch after you’ve entered your code into the aforementioned Box Office page. The categories themselves are:

  • Latest Release Rental (£3.49) – includes The Expendables 2, The Possession, and Magic Mike.
  • Current Release Rental (£3.49) – includes The Hunger Games, Warrior, 50/50, Cabin in the Woods and Coriolanus.
  • Library Title Rental (£2.49) – includes Jackie Brown, Adventureland, Reservoir Dogs, The Blair Witch Project and Clerks.

The differentiation between Latest Release and Current Release is murky at best with most of the films on offer in these two categories being roughly the same age. The fact that their is no difference in price doesn’t help either.

You can either include your film as an optional extra or purchase the Box Office Deal which includes Large pizza, Garlic Pizza Bread, Potato Wedges and a movie rental for £19.99.

We picked Coriolanus – perhaps not the best choice when the sound of everybody eating drowns out Ralph Fiennes doing Shakespeare!

Once you’ve made your selection your video starts rather ceremoniously behind some curtains which is a nice touch. We had no problems when streaming our selection and the movie played without interruption.

The Verdict

The films offered as part of the promotion are all Lionsgate titles. As proven above this means that there are some great eye-catching titles available to watch, but there are a lot of less well-known films amongst these. Some of the more obscure titles available include Cupid Dog, Outpost 2, Fred: The Movie and As Good As Dead.

The fact that the catalogue is limited to Lionsgate movies means that indulging in the Box Office deal might be more for the novelty of getting a film with your giant pizza rather than getting the variety offered by other online movie outlets.

It’s an interesting business venture as internet streaming is becoming increasingly popular but many will have access to other ways of streaming movies. For anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of monthly fees or paying for their food and movie separately then this is a neat option. Worryingly some of the outlets claim to have no knowledge of the promotion so it’s best to order online.

We give it 3/5

Domino’s Box Office promotion doesn’t tread new ground – it’s a well known fact that pizza goes hand in hand with a movie night. What it wins points for is the simplicity of buying everything in one place.

Despite the site issues it’s a pleasant enough experience once you’ve got through to the ordering process itself. The fact that we encountered no issues when we started streaming the film was a welcome bonus. Invite some friends round, turn the lights down and let the pizza eating and movie watching commence!

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