The Romantics (2010)

A group of friends get together the night before two of them get married. Is it true love of does the groom’s heart belong to another?

Could the cast for this film be better looking? Anna Paquin, Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Malin Ackerman, Adam Brody, Dianna Agron, Elijah Wood! It’s like every teenage fantasy we ever had all in one room, marvelous.

So anyway, Lila (Paquin) and Tom (Duhamel) are getting married. Their friends descend upon the family home the night before the wedding as the celebrations begin. Some have not seen each other in years and the reunion promises to be fun and exciting and yeah, you know, a little bit bitchy in paces as old ghosts come back to haunt them. We mean that metaphorically of course. This is a drama not a horror.

So in time honoured tradition, if two people are getting married and their friends who have all moved away come back, you know there’s going to be at least one of them will have history with the bride or groom. In steps Laura (Holmes) who, before you get too excited boys, seems to have been an old flame of Tom.

Now this isn’t a secret, everyone knows and it seems many of the friends know that they still have feelings for each other. Despite this, Tom spends most of his time with an expression on his face that looks like he’s having a dump, although apparently this is how he looks when he’s thinking about what he should do about his feelings. Ignoring his desires he seems set on going ahead with the wedding and Laura, his ex, has been asked to be the maid of honour. Oh the irony.

The film takes place overnight from the moment everyone gets together for the rehearsal dinner to the wedding. During this time we’re treated, depending on your point of view, to back stabbing, lots of pleasing and begging and crying and “I love you”, “no you don’t”, “yes I do” type arguments. While they evoke a degree of emotion, these arguments don’t seem to really push the limits of the acting ability that we know such an impressive cast has. We all know how good these actors and actresses are in the other films we’ve seen them in but The Romantics doesn’t seem to inspire anything that will have you laughing or indeed crying along with them.

There are lots of drunken antics which keep you entertained and despite Tom being the love rat we all love to hate, you don’t really seem to have any sympathy for the bride as you kind of get the impression they they’re both living a lie, even if Tom’s way of showing it isn’t exactly gentlemanly.

It’s a coming of age piece that has been done before but it’s a nice movie, we’ll all find at least one character we can relate to and even if you don’t the drunken, skinny dipping scenes may perk you up a bit before the inevitable hangover the next day.

While this could be billed as a chick-flick we think it’s something the boys will enjoy too. After all there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt from watching The Romantics. Even if she does look like Anna Paquin do not ask a girl to marry you if you don’t love her, it’s just not worth the hassle.

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