Tower Block (2012)

Residents living in a condemned tower block face terror and each other when a sniper starts shooting at them.

Films set on council estates usually don’t inspire some of the greatest movies ever made however the premise of Tower Block intrigued us at the Farm, especially as we’re more used to the open fresh air.

After a young boy is brutally murdered in a condemned tower block by masked thugs, the few remaining residents are questioned by the police but keep quiet for fear of reprisals. As the weeks pass things seem to be looking up as the murder and the desolate estate they live on seem to be finally in the past.

However, one Saturday morning as the residents get up, a sniper starts taking shots at the windows. A few are killed straight away, some are injured and others are sent running into the hallway for protection. What then follows is a story of conspiracy, escapology and unlikely alliances akin to those in Cube, although the deaths are not as creative.

You’ll recognise much-loved British stars of film and TV, including Sheridan Smith (Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Quartet), Jack O’Connell (Eden Lake, Harry Brown) and Russell Tovey (Being Human, History Boys) and there’s also a nice appearance by a drug dealing Noel Clarke. We also found it a nice surprise from one of the characters, who you come to realise is Ralph Brown. Yes, Danny from Whitnail and I and Del from Wayne’s World 2, two of our favourite characters. Sadly he’s not as flamboyantly high (mentally) in Tower Block and you keep hoping he’ll tell you the story about how one night Ozzie Osbourne refused to go on stage… sorry, where were we?

We like Tower Block. It’s well written, the right characters are loveable, to a degree, and the idea is simple and to the point. There’s enough suspense and gore to keep the horror fans happy but it’s also got a certain element of dark humour to it that we think bridges all audiences. It’s wonderfully British with the token chavs and screams of “what you lookin’ at?” if anyone stares for more than a nanosecond at someone else.

The story isn’t exactly aimed at rocket scientists and so it’s quite predictable as to what’s going to happen but we did still find ourselves trying to guess who, if any, would make it out alive. Oh and who’s the sniper? There’s only one way to find out…

Best line: “We pay you £20 a week to protect us. So protect us!”
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