6 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-off Films

After the news that Jedi Master Yoda may head his own movie we look at 6 Star Wars characters who deserve their own spin-off films...

Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm has brought about rigorous change in that galaxy far, far away. Star Wars Episodes VII-IX are on the horizon with J.J. Abrams confirmed as director for the first film of the new trilogy. Yet perhaps bigger news at the moment is Disney’s decision to make spin-offs. Already Jedi Master Yoda is a keen choice for his own film, as are audience favourites like Han Solo (portrayed in the original trilogy by Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca (portrayed in the films by Peter Mayhew).

Still, in many ways these characters almost seem like certainties should the issue be raised, don’t they? So here are six (as there are currently six Star Wars films, the number seemed appropriate) other characters that deserve their own spin-offs.


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