The force is strong in Bluewater

It’s rumoured that battle scenes planned for Star Wars: Episode VII will be filmed in the quarry near Bluewater shopping centre in Kent

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, you could film a movie and stock up in Baby Gap at the same time. Lightsabers at the ready as Star Wars comes to Bluewater shopping centre.

Yes, you read that correctly, Star Wars is on its way to Bluewater if rumours are to be believed. The shopping centre in Greenhithe is said to have been earmarked for the filming of the battle sequences for Star Wars: Episode VII. Well, the quarry next to it that is. Even the special effects masters at Disney would struggle to convert one of the busiest centres in the UK into an appropriate battle location. Although, there was a market in Episode I on Tatooine, so evolution being as it is, surely Glow at Bluewater could be crowbarred into a scene on Coruscant, or someone could stop off at TGI Friday before boarding the Millennium Falcon.

Previously used in an episode of Doctor Who, it appears that the filmmakers thought that the quarry could easily be used as the backdrop for a different planet in the JJ Abrams directed sequel. However, although all those in Kent and the surrounding areas would be excited to welcome both Sith and Jedi to their neighbourhood, it does seem that those at Disney weren’t quite so keen to come. Latest reports are that there isn’t any substance to the excited flurry of rumours that cascaded from Twitter like C3PO pouring a Membrosia. A spokesperson said “There’s no truth in it. I doubt they would film there.”

The positive folk among us would focus on the fact that the word ‘doubt’ was used, but unless otherwise stated, it looks like it really will be filmed in a galaxy far, far away, before entering hyperspace and landing on our screens in 2015.

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