Trekkie Receives Ultimate Christmas Gift

How a terminally ill Star Trek fan's final wish came true..

jj abrams saldana talk star trekIt’s fair to say that Star Trek fans, or ‘Trekkies’ as they are sometimes lovingly referred to, get a bad press from time to time. Yet on Christmas Day, something happened to change that perception.

Devotees of the long-running franchise are eagerly awaiting the upcoming sequel to 2009’s Star Trek. For one, however, the wait would soon be over, but due to the most unfortunate circumstances.

Tragically, Dan, to give this particular Trekkie his name, had been diagnosed with two types of cancer over the last several years and had been given only weeks to live. Realising that time was of the essence, Dan’s one wish above all was to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Now came the tricky bit: how to make this happen? A good friend of Dan’s, who happens to be a user of Reddit, decided to set the wheels in motion by posting a message on the Star Trek subreddit. And, on Christmas Day 2012, the message on behalf of Dan began to circulate around the online community.

The power of the internet, as it so often does, exceeded all expectations; the post eventually found its way to none other than JJ Abrams, Star Trek maestro. The director and producer subsequently arranged a special screening of an incomplete version of Into Darkness.

Dan’s friend went back on Reddit some days ago to post a special message from Dan’s wife, an abridged version of which follows here: “We are sworn to secrecy, BUT we are officially allowed to say that we enjoyed it immensely as a film and as a gesture.”

“This is also so poignant as JJ Abrams took so much care in the first movie to at least TRY to get everything ‘right’ for the fans and we were so touched when he was concerned that we wouldn’t 100% enjoy the screening as it’s still being worked on….. Be assured we enjoyed it 110%!”

This is one of those occasions where words can’t come anywhere near to doing a story justice. Trekkie or not, this is as touching and heart-warming as it gets.

Sources: Cinema Blend
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