Trailer Review: The Place Beyond the Pines

The director of Blue Valentine, Derek Cianfrance returns with his new crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines.

Trailer Review:

How far would a person go to put food on the table and provide for their family? It’s an interesting question and Luke in The Place Beyond the Pines is willing to go very far indeed.

Ryan Gosling plays Luke, a motorcycle stunt rider who rides in a carnival globe of death for a living. He discovers much to his surprise that his former lover Romina (played by Eva Mendes) has recently given birth to his son. The situation becomes more complicated when Luke finds out that Romina has a new partner and is trying to move on with her life. Luke resorts to robbing banks in an attempt to provide for his progeny and his friend Robin (played by Ben Mendehlson) becomes his partner in crime. Their robberies put them on a collision course with an idealistic cop called Avery Cross played by Bradley Cooper. The situation quickly gets out of control as Luke and Robin become more reckless and take more risks. Luke wants to start robbing two banks in one day and he is clearly getting carried away with their crime spree. Avery is ambitious and keen to excel so he is put on the case along with Deluca played by Ray Liotta. The police force itself is rife with corruption so it may be difficult for Avery to achieve justice and do things by the book.

The Place Beyond the Pines is about morality and legacy. When faced with a difficult situation some find a safe, reasonable way to survive while others turn to crime. In some ways the character of Luke resembles another character Ryan Gosling played in the movie Drive. In Drive, Ryan played a mysterious, enigmatic mechanic and Hollywood stunt driver. He gets into trouble with some local gangsters when he tries to help his neighbour provide for her son while her partner is in prison. Both characters are outsiders relying on their unique talents to get things done.

Ryan Gosling is a versatile actor and he has delivered some good peformances over the last few years. He is joined by a stellar cast here so The Place Beyond the Pines should provide some solid acting and gripping drama.

The Place Beyond the Pines is released on April 12th so look out for it folks.

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