Trailer Review: Pacific Rim

We examine what we may have in store come the release of the much anticipated Pacific Rim by watching the film's first trailer

Our Trailer Review:

Guillermo Del Toro’s epic new Sci Fi action adventure Pacific Rim features robots and aliens fighting it out on planet Earth.

Giant alien creatures emerge from a portal to another dimension in the Pacific Ocean and threaten mankind. The humans fight back with equally giant robots known as Jaegers ( a reference to Chuck Yeager perhaps? The first pilot to break the sound barrier.) The robots are controlled by two pilots working together in unison. They occupy a control room in the head of the Jaeger unit. Charlie Hunnam plays one of the pilots and he explains how the aliens expected the humans to hide in fear and to fail. The aliens were wrong! The operators are also aided by a sophisticated computer with super AI voiced by Ellen McLain. Some viewers may recognize her work as she provided the voice for the robot know as GLaDOS in the Portal videogame. Idris Elba also appears as a higher ranking military officer working with the pilots.

The aliens known as Kaiju are not seen that much which is interesting, they appear only in brief glimpses. This is a clever move by Del Toro and it avoids giving away too many spoilers. The simple concept of robots vs aliens is interesting and the movie should deliver plenty of action and thrills. It’s implied that the Jaegers are designed and built by different nations so there is a U.S Jaeger, a Japanese one etc. Some may get a transformers vibe from the trailer but the machines have more in common with other Japanese animated movies and TV shows like Mazinger Z, Giant Robo etc. Those TV shows were common around the world a few decades ago and it is likely that Del Toro is fan and grew up watching them. This movie will definitely appeal to fans of that genre but hopefully it will provide plenty of eye candy for everyone else too.

Pacific Rim will be out on July 12. Have a look at the trailer and share your thoughts.

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