Hutchence Biopic Set to Rock the Movie World

15 years after his death, it has been announced that a film depicting the life of INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence is in the pipeline

Deceased rock singers seem to be very much in vogue in the movie industry right now. Hot on the heels of last month’s news that the Freddie Mercury biopic had been given the green light, it’s now also official that we can expect one about the late INXS frontman, Michael Hutchence.

Work has already begun on Two Worlds Colliding – taken from the lyrics of Never Tear Us Apart, one of the group’s all-time classic tracks – and the man at the helm will be Bobby Galinsky, best known as screenwriter for the 1990 flick Flatliners, which starred Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts. Galinsky has said that this project “is something I’ve wanted to do for the last ten years”, although it would appear that he is not too keen to commit himself when pressed about who will play the lead: “I would hate to pick someone out at the moment.”

You can’t help but think that this role would have been ideal for Heath Ledger. While this would, of course, be an impossibility, there are other big-name Aussie stars who more than fit the bill. Take away nationality as a pre-requisite and you are literally spoilt for choice. The book Just A Man – The Real Michael Hutchence, by the singer’s mother and sister, will provide the inspiration for the film, which will cover his life in its entirety in much the same way as Ray and Walk The Line tackled their respective subjects.

It was during the late 1980s and early 1990s when Hutchence really made a name for himself, with the release of INXS’s seminal album Kick, as well as a string of hit singles including Need You Tonight and Suicide Blonde. His private life then hit the headlines, as relationships with Kylie Minogue and Paula Yates, amongst others, provided tabloid gold. Then in 1997 came his untimely death, which has forever been shrouded in mystery.

The surviving members of the band decided to call it a day earlier this month, after 35 years in the business. No doubt they will have plenty of time to offer creative input so that this picture can capture the true essence of one of the most charismatic performers of his generation.

Sources: BBC, Yahoo
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