Twilight Blind Date

What if Bella Swan had never met Edward Cullen? She’d have had to find a different bloodsucking boyfriend. Anyone for Twilight Blind Date?

It’s the week that all Twihards have been waiting for, the final instalment of the vampiric love story. Before 2008 Robert Pattinson was still Cedric Diggory to Harry Potter fans, until Edward Cullen catapulted him into the realm of the movie star. We take a look at other famous vampires that could have wooed Bella and stepped into Edward’s Volvo. That’s not a euphemism.

Here’s our Graham with a quick roundup of the Top 5…

5. Angel – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We know, we know, easy choice right? They both have that moody exterior. Both have that Shockwaves styled hair. Both have sworn off the human. Angel has had that forbidden love thing before and that didn’t work out well. Can Bella keep his soul intact or will her doe eyes make this Angel fall?…Again.

4. Louis – Interview with a Vampire

Played by a long haired Brad Pitt, Louis and Bella would’ve been competing for who had the most luscious locks in the village. If you thought Edward was all angst, then Louis would’ve knocked you for six. Although he doesn’t feed on Humans either, so that would’ve counted in his favour. Shame he’d have sacrificed himself to the Volturi as soon as an impure thought materialised.

3. Lestat – Queen of the Damned

The rock god played by Stuart Townsend would’ve no doubt suited Bella’s rebellious side down to the ground. He’s a shirt off type of vampire who, unfortunately for him, just can’t give up the juice. He made the list at the expense of Tom Cruise’s Lestat due to the Tom version’s obsession with number 4 on our list, Louis. He just can’t seem to quit him.

2. Count Dracula – Dracula: Dead and Loving It

Now we know what you’re thinking, isn’t he a little old for Bella? Well technically yes. Played by Leslie Nielson he is borderline elderly, but he’s as clumsy as her and she does need some laughter in her life, which good ol’ Dracula would be able to provide. And he turns into a bat with a human face. Who could resist? Not Bella, as he has a vampire mind trick going on too.

1. Michael – The Lost Boys

Turned while eating Chinese food after being duped into drinking David’s blood, poor Mike was only trying to make some new friends after moving to a new town. Before Speed 2 tarnished his reputation, Jason Patric made yellow vampire eyes look rather fetching. Bella would have no doubt said they were a glistening gold, before jumping on his back as he leapt through the air (hopefully not while calling her a spider monkey). A real family vamp that fought the blood lust for all it was worth. Good for him, we say.

We missed an awful lot of fanged wonders off this list, but it could have gone on forever. So many vampires, so little time…

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