Jamie Foxx cast as Electro in Spider-Man Sequel

Jamie Foxx is set to play Electro in the next Spider-Man film. Is this something you are pleased about?

The Green Goblin set the standard, but now Jamie Foxx is looking to step into the villainous shoes of yet another nemesis of the web-slinging wonder. The Amazing Spider-Man sequel will bring Electro to the big screen, and Jamie seems to be the man to play him…

Halloween night and there are costumes a plenty. Celebrities throw lavish parties, with outlandish outfits. One such outfit gets a little more attention. Spider-Man fans recognise it as Electro. The actor donning the costume of one of the infamous foes of the red and blue attired web-slinger was Jamie Foxx.

“Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night,” tweeted Foxx  on Thursday. “Costume fits well.”

The teasing tweet was the second hint that had been given in recent times, with director Mark Webb saying “I think Jamie Foxx is electrifying! You’ll be hearing more on that shortly I’m sure.”

If the rumours are indeed true, it will be Foxx’s first foray into the world of the comic book superhero. An Academy Award winner in 2004 for Best Actor, in the motion picture Ray, Foxx has carved out an electric career for himself. He seamlessly transitions from drama to romance, action film to Grammy Award Winner. But can he pull off spandex?

A sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man will have big boots to fill. As the second of the rebooted Spider-Man franchise, it will be required to not only build on the success of the first film, but also further outshine the Sam Raimi offerings. With Andrew Garfield stepping into the skin tight suit previously worn by Toby Maguire, The Amazing Spider-Man took the superhero on a different course, with Garfield’s real life love Emma Stone as the object of Peter Parker’s affection, Gwen Stacy.

Stone has yet to confirm that she will reprise her role in the sequel, but the smart money will be on Foxx stepping into the costume of the electrical capacitor that was once known as Max Dillon. A freak accident (is there any other kind) caused the electrical engineer to transform into one of Spiderman’s most deadly foes, Electro. With or without Foxx, Electro and Spiderman will be battling it out in a cinema near you in 2014.

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