Mark Hamill hints at possible role in Star Wars Episode VII, in 1983!

Hamill interviewed in 1983 spoke about playing a potential part in Star Wars Episode VII. Has it been on the cards since then?

The past few weeks has seen the sci-fi blogosphere erupt with speculation as to how the story line to Star Wars Episode VII might turn out. Hell, even Roobla added our ten Imperial Credits worth. But, it appears an almost forgotten interview with Mark Hamill, from almost 30 years ago, might have revealed that at least three of our much loved characters will be returning that galaxy far, far away.

In an interview with Maria Shriver back in 1983, Hamill talks about R2-D2 and C3PO as being the only characters that continue throughout all nine films and even reveals that he’s contracted to come back as Luke Skywalker in 2004. Well we all know that didn’t happen, but Roobla thinks this could be a good sign. It’s possibly that contract is still in place and Hamill could still return either as a full on bad ass Jedi or as he says himself “on another plain of existence”.

It also leads us to speculate, that George Lucas had the foresight to contract Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford to re-appear in the sequels too, if not could Disney persuade them to come back, even if it’s for a few scenes?

All three actors have confessed that Star Wars was great at the time but almost a curse in various ways, Ford was very conscious as being type cast as Han Solo but seems to not have had that same problem with Indiana Jones, so maybe he could be persuaded to come back, especially if his package includes Cracker Barrel Cheddar (thanks Seth MacFarlane).

Of course other loveable characters like Chewbacca appeared in the prequels and could also be back, we hope, and let’s not also forget Lando Calrissian and Admiral “it’s a trap” Ackbar who could well feature heavily in a new restored galactic democracy.

Does this interview answer any questions as to what we’ll be getting? Of course not, but what it does is show us that when it comes to movies we have no idea what’s planned until the credits finally roll. Until then speculation will continue to dominate sci-fi fans’ conversation.

While the entire video is worth watching, Episode VII doesn’t feature until about three minutes in.

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