Christoph Waltz May Appear in Muppets Sequel

Christoph Waltz may appear in the Muppets sequel as the group travel to Europe.

All eyes are on Disney this week. After acquiring Lucasfilm, the giant behind the Star Wars franchise, Christoph Waltz is now in talks with Disney to star in the sequel to The Muppets.

The first Muppets film to be released in twelve years, The Muppets opened to critical success last year in America and the group are set to return in a James Bobin directed sequel.

The sequel is set to travel to Europe. Penned by Bobin and Nicholas Stoller (a man involved in The Five-Year Engagement and Yes Man), the film could see Waltz playing an Interpol inspector. Waltz is perhaps best known for his more adult roles, including Inglorious Basterds (for which he won an Oscar) and Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming Django Unchained.

Waltz will star alongside Jim Henderson’s recognisable creations along with some, as yet unknown, human stars. Jason Segal is not set to return to the much-loved franchise. There is currently no date attached to the sequel.

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