Top 5 Ways To Survive a Horror Movie

Worried about what you'd do if you happened to find yourself in a scary film? We take a look at the top 5 ways to survive a horror movie...

We here at Roobla love a good horror movie but often find ourselves wondering just how we’d survive if we happened to find ourselves caught in a scary movie. If you’ve ever worried about this too, don’t worry. Sit back and read our top 5 ways to survive a horror movie…

5. Don’t Fall Asleep

How many times have you watched a horror film, and shortly afterwards, all you’ve wanted to do was rest your head on your cold pillow, windows closed, and drift off to sleep, forgetting all the baddies and monsters that have just scared you senseless for the past two hours? Spare a thought for the naïve teenagers on Elm Street then.

There’s nothing more that children of Elm Street will have wanted to do than to get a little shut eye after surviving another day of escaping Freddy Kruger’s clutches of death. Alas, they knew that giving into their sleepy desires would have risked the chance of turning that quick power nap into an eternal rest, at the hands of Freddy.

Coffee and Red Bulls at the ready if you’re going to make it through the night! Other ways to remain awake consist of Justin Bieber ringtones/alarms. When it goes off, every bone in your body will urge you to awaken from your slumber and hit the ‘off’ button as soon as possible. Unfortunately for the children of Elm Street, Bieber was still only a glint in the milkman’s eye in 1984, so Rick Astley would have had to suffice.

4. Don’t Answer the Phone

Like being able to fall asleep, there is a certain sense of security behind answering the phone. The telephone, be it a mobile phone or house phone, represents a link to the outside world, a way of calling for help or escaping trouble. We may not all have Superman or Batman’s personal line, but we all know someone on our contact list that can lend a helping hand.

However, the Ghost-face killer from the Scream films taught us that if you’re at home alone one evening, be it babysitting or enjoying a night in front of the TV, answering the phone is definitely a no-no. Voicemail was created for a reason, and we think we may have just found it. Could you imagine Ghost-face or Billy from Black Christmas leaving a voicemail, warning you of your impending death? Hopefully after realising there is a light on but nobody in, they will just give up and go home. Danger averted. Just don’t use call-back.

3. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

The slogan ‘strength in numbers’ has never been more appropriate than when discussing horror movies. Yes, in films such as Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Black Christmas, there are a high number of body bags, but rarely were these victims confronted when with their friends. The killer managed to successfully isolate them and begun to pick them off one by one when no-one to help existed by their side.

The Scary Movies taught us that often in semi large groups, there features a number of different characters, traits and personalities. These often see the group willingly disperse due to a difference of opinions or strategies. However, it matters not if you’re stuck next to the guy with excruciatingly bad body odour or the big breasted girl who picked on you all the way through high school, they may be your best bet of survival, so grab a hold of their hand and pray that together, you make it through the night.

2. Curiosity Killed the Cat and Now It’s After You!

Why oh why do modern day teenagers insist on becoming the new Indiana Jones when stumbling upon unknown territory? Leatherface couldn’t have believed his luck when he saw five teenagers stumble upon his butcher’s shop. The butchering that followed, however, could all have been avoided had the would-be explorers merely got in their cars and passed by the abandoned house without as much as a glance.

We can only assume it’s an intuition we are all born with that forces us to explore the idea of the unknown, but common sense must surely kick in at some stage. If there is a dark closet that is shaking violently, we don’t need a Bengal Tiger to pop out and ravage us to death to know that something is there that probably shouldn’t be and should of course be left well alone. The closet, behind the curtains, under the bed and under the stairs are all places we wouldn’t visit at any other time, so why does the prospect of impending doom suddenly make them seem so appealing?

1. Resist the Urge to Discover the Great Outdoors

Similarly to the previous point made, exploration has often proved to be the downfall of too many horror film fodder over the years. The solution? Either refuse to explore at all, or if you must insist, then quickly find a room with only one entrance/exit and stay there. Build a fort, gather whatever items you can find and fuse them into weapons and get ready to unleash hell on whatever comes through that only point of entry.

Jodie Foster in Panic Room had the right idea of isolating herself in a safe environment where there was only one way in and one way out. Where did things begin to go wrong? When she opened the door and took a stroll outside of course!

Liv Tyler in The Strangers is another guilty of abandoning this rule of surviving a horror movie. When strangers break into your house, you stay there, nobody knows your house better than you, and they don’t know where things are that could help you fight back. If there’s a car outside in the drive that could help you escape, do you really think the intruders would have walked past without so much as a glance? Stay safe, stay home.

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