The Mummy set for a Reboot?

The Mummy returns, in the form of a possible remake headed up by Len Wiseman.

Remake? Retool? We keep hearing these words being thrown around. Now add another to the growing list, as Len Wiseman shapes up for a reboot of The Mummy.

Fresh from his success retooling Total Recall, Len Wiseman has only gone and signed up to remake the 1999 Brendan Fraser hit, The Mummy. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Is everything Hollywood releases these days going to be something we’ve already seen? Well, at the moment it does seem like it. Of course, we get the usual spiel of it being a darker version of a classic tale, but do we really need another version of the classic monster movie?

The 1999 edition is itself a version of the 1932 Boris Karloff film, with Fraser starring alongside Rachel Weisz and John Hannah. It spawned three sequels, but the rumoured fourth instalment never materialised.

No news on casting yet, but we all know that Wiseman loves to cast his wife Kate Beckinsale in his films. She would slot nicely into The Rachel Weisz role, were it to follow the line of the Fraser version. What we do know is that Prometheus co-writer John Spaihts has been signed to write the remake (reboot? Retool? Who knows?) and it is scheduled for a 2014 release. More news when we get it.

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