Godzilla Returns: Remake set for 2014

Godzilla returns in Gareth Edwards' remake, and is all set for a 2014 release.

Arghh! Godzilla!

The cry was infamous in the Japanese monster movies of the 1950s. In 2014 we will once again hear the roar of the beast as it returns to our screens in Gareth Edwards’ remake.

Godzilla to be remade for 2014

We all remember the 1998 Rolland Emmerich offering, in which Matthew Broderick battled against the mother of all monsters. Literally, the mother. The eggs hatched and baby – zillas were swarming like there was no tomorrow. After all the hype, the film itself was a let-down.

In the days when Jurassic Park was king, poor old Godzilla seemed a little bit of a has-been. The story just didn’t hold our attention and we kept hoping that Broderick would go Ferris Bueller on us and mime to Twist and Shout or Danke Shoen. That didn’t happen, but it would have made a great musical number, maybe with the baby – zillas dancing flash-mob style. But now, Godzilla is back to let us know, they can really shake ‘em down.

The release date for the Godzilla remake has been set at 2014 (which sets up a nice blockbuster showdown with those Ninja Turtles if they get back on track) and Warner Bros (with partners Legendary) have let it be known that this will be nothing like the 90s version. It’s not going to be cheesy either, as the man taking the reins will be Gareth Edwards. Edwards gained acclaim for 2010’s gritty, low – budget horror flick Monsters and it is hoped that he brings a more realistic setting to the re-tooled actioner. Those lucky enough to be at Comic – Con this year were treated to a teaser of the film, which has a proposed release date of May 16 2014. In the USA that is – no word on the exact date for us in the UK.

With so many films being re-tooled these days, we have to wonder what will be getting the treatment next. Back to the Future? Marty travelling back to 1985 this time, but in a Hybrid instead of a DeLorean? Perhaps E.T? Instead of rigging up a Speak and Spell, Elliot whips out his iPhone and just asks Siri to call E.T’s home. Who knows? We’ll still be watching them though.

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