Could There Be a Female Expendables Movie?

With rumours appearing that there could be a female Expendables movie we look at possible candidates for roles in the film.

The Expendables is all about pure unadulterated testosterone right? Not according to the reports that have surfaced over the last week. There are rumours of a female version of the all action male ensemble movies. Could there be a female Expendables movie? Read on…

Stallone, Van-Damme, Willis, Lundgren. Action doesn’t get tougher than that. With the release of The Expendables 2, it seems that action may soon be getting in touch with its feminine side.

With so many strong women in cinema, the difficult decision will be narrowing down the cast of the rumoured female version of the hardcore action flick. We all have images of strong women in film. Ripley, Sarah Connor, even Buffy fought like a woman possessed (technically she was at one point, season 4 if you’re interested), but who will be strong enough to follow in the footsteps of Arnie and co?

The candidates are numerous, but we’ve tried to narrow it down to the elite few.

Sigourney Weaver

Now, Sigourney was the original all action female badass. Fighting alien after alien, she refused to back down and even shaved her head in preparation for another round of extra – terrestrial bashing. Yes, she’s a little older, but she’s still a spring chicken compared to some of the male cast and her experience will be invaluable. That, and who doesn’t love Sigourney?

Michelle Rodriguez

When Hollywood needs a bad girl with sex appeal, they call Michelle. She stood toe to toe with Vin Diesel in The Fast and The Furious and its numerous sequels, fought zombies in Resident Evil and teamed up with the blue folk in Avatar. She’s also had some run-ins with the law, cementing her bad girl persona even further.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

You can’t have a female action flick without thinking of Buffy. Yes, we know she’s hung up her stakes and put away her crossbow, but maybe she’d be tempted to handspring her way back into the action for one final hurrah. If she brings Eliza Dushku along, all the better.

Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow. Avengers Assemble. Enough said.

Linda Hamilton

Terminator 2 showcased Hamilton in all of her muscled glory. After the poodle perm in the first film, our jaws dropped when she appeared as a rippled inmate of a mental institution in the sequel. That was a while ago, but we’re sure that she’d still be able to recapture her former glory as a legend of the resistance. That and it would be a nice parallel to Arnie in the male version.

Summer Glau

A bit of an unknown name in comparison to our other picks, but Summer has shown that she can play with the big boys. As River in Joss Whedon’s Firefly and its big screen spin off Serenity, and then as a Terminator in the television series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Glau high kicks with ease. She could prove a useful asset to the team.

Rosario Dawson/Angelina Jolie

We just couldn’t decide between these two sultry sirens. Both are striking beauties. Both are feisty and strong willed. Both look like they could kill without a moment of hesitation. There are worse ways to go, though.

Uma Thurman

We couldn’t leave The Bride from our list. The Kill Bill star cut through a swathe of enemies in both parts 1 and 2. She and her sword would no doubt be invaluable to her fellow Expendables. That and she already has her own codename. Who wouldn’t be scared of Black Mamba?

These are just a few of the stars that could step into the steel capped boots of their male counterparts. How they make the film their own will need some strong direction. Will it be just a copy, or will they be a team within the Expenda-verse, the male and female teams working side by side, vying for supremacy? Will the people behind the film choose established actresses or decide to go for a few unknowns? We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we’ll have some fun speculating…

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