Top 10 Movie Bears

We take a look at the top 10 movie bears, including Toy Story 3's Lotso, A.I.'s Teddy and Yogi Bear.

We’re animal friendly here on the farm, it’s in our nature (and kind of in our name). Whilst milling around the barn we began to discuss our favourite bear cameos in movies… which led us to the creation of our top 10 movie bears!

Top 10 Movie Bears Ted 2012

10. Yogi Bear (Yogi Bear)

Everybody’s favourite pic-a-nic lover didn’t translate very well in 2010’s CGI adventure. Yogi wins brownie points for being voiced by Dan Ackroyd but only reaches number 10 in our list due to the poor quality of the film.

Cuddliness rating: 6/10… bears can be scary when they’re eyeing up your picnic.

9. Kung Fu Panda (Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2)

Much like Yogi won our appreciation via Dan Ackroyd, Kung Fu Panda won our hearts thanks to Jack Black‘s vocal talents. Proving that even a fat kung fu novice can overcome what life throws at him, Kung Fu Panda offered a feel-good movie with well choreographed computer animation.

Cuddliness rating: 5/10… bear’s teeth are sharp enough without them knowing kung fu to boot!

8. Little John / Baloo (Robin Hood / The Jungle Book)

As much as people may protest the difference we’re sticking by the fact that these Disney characters are basically the same. The cuddly best friend, both Little John and Baloo are only differentiated by the colour of their fur, both offering the same level of fun to the films they appear in.

Cuddliness rating: 8/10… is it wrong that we’re jealous of Mowgli?

7. Bear (Anchorman)

Down and out Ron Burgundy (WIll Ferrell) must save new upstart journalist Veronica when she is pushed into the Kodiak bear enclosure at the local zoo. Just when he and Veronica look set to be eaten, Ron’s dog Baxter intervenes, explaining to the bear that he should let them live. All in a day’s work at the San Diego TV station.

Cuddliness rating: 4/10… they almost eat Ron and Veronica – but they listen to the reason of a dog. We’re faced with conflicting messages.

6. Fozzie Bear (The Muppets)

Pioneering the hat and scarf combo, Fozzie has been entertaining audiences since the 1970’s. His latest appearance was in The Muppets where he starred opposite Jason Segel and Kermit.

Cuddliness rating: 6/10… the fur looks so soft!

5. Bear (The Great Outdoors)

The Great Outdoors is one of those often over-looked 1980’s classics. Starring Dan Ackroyd (not as Yogi this time) and the late John Candy the film features a great scene where the campers are faced with a terrifying grizzly bear.

Cuddliness rating: 5/10… yes he’s very scary, but he’s also not as threatening with THAT bald patch.

4. Lotso (Toy Story 3)

Never has a teddy bear been so intimidating. Whilst seemingly welcoming, Toy Story 3‘s Lotso is secretly a bitter old teddy intent on keeping his day care realm just that – his. Voiced by Ned Beatty, Lotso made us second guess our collection of teddy bears.

Cuddliness rating: 4/10… he may look cuddly but he’d just as quickly stab you in the back and feed you to the furnace!

3. Oksana (Borat)

When the blundering Borat (Sacha Baron Cohen) buys an old ice cream van American children don’t expect to be confronted by a grizzly bear at its window. Bought as a means to protect himself, the bear joins Borat and Azamat on their journey across the USA.

Cuddliness rating: 1/10… those teeth are a complete cuddle turn off.

2. Teddy (A.I.)

Steven Spielberg’s 2001 sci-fi followed the escapades of a young robotic boy. Abandoned by his adoptive family he searches for a way to become real to gain his mother’s love. As if this wasn’t tear-jerking enough, his best friend just so happens to be a highly intelligent robot teddy who helps him in his search. Pass the tissues!

Cuddliness rating: 10/10… who wouldn’t want Teddy in their lives?!

1. Ted (Ted)

On the flipside of A.I.’s Teddy there’s Ted, a walking, talking teddy bear created by the wishes of a young Mark Wahlberg. The smoking, womanising result is one of Seth MacFarlane’s best creations and helps create a hugely enjoyable film.

Cuddliness rating: 8/10… he loses two points because we’re not sure where his hands have been.

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