Where Are They Now: Daphne Zuniga

We take a look at the career of Daphne Zuniga, star of Spaceballs.

What role do you think of when you think of Daphne Zuniga? For some it will always be the unfortunately named, Princess Vespa from Spaceballs. She is perhaps better known in America for her role in Melrose Place.

Where Are They Now: Daphne Zuniga (by Evrik) 2012

Her character Jo Reynolds was a regular for four years in the Beverley Hills 90210 spin off, before departing into the sunset like all good soap characters. She reprised her role as the photographer in 2009. This was short-lived however, as the updated series was cancelled soon after.

After a brief stint as Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend in the series Family Ties, her first major film role came in 1985’s The Sure Thing. Alongside fresh-faced John Cusack, Nicollette Sheridan and a pre Dr. Greene Anthony Edwards, Zuniga played a very straight laced counter point to Cusack’s party boy. The Rob Reiner film was well received and is one of those 80’s classics that stand out from the usual fare.

Then, in 1987, along came Spaceballs. As the spoiled Princess Vespa of Druidia who flees from her impending marriage to Prince Valium, Zuniga did not look out of place in the Mel Brooks comedy.

TV shows have come and gone throughout her career (including the short-lived Spaceballs animated series) and she has never been out of work for too long. She pops up in many a TV movie and has starred in One Tree Hill as the cold-hearted mother of fan favourite, Brook Davies. Victoria Davies was the co-owner of Brooke’s business, Clothes Over Bro’s and always had a tumultuous relationship with her daughter. However, this has improved in recent times, in part due to her becoming a grandmother.

Although motion picture roles have been less frequent, you can bet that Zuniga will be on your screen one way or another.

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