Review: Airborne (2012)

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill stars in Airborne, a film that is a mix between Airplane and The Twilight Zone...

During an electrical storm, the passengers of a flight bound for New York gradually discover that things are not as they seem. Things turn nasty as one by one they start to disappear in Airborne.

Think a cross between the farce of Airplane, the mystery of The Twilight Zone and you will get a flavour of this daft movie. Introducing our protagonists in a clunky and predictable passage as they wait to board their fateful flight, the film goes downhill until you really could not care less what happens to any of them. Generally they are either nasty, boring, odd or nondescript and seem to be in competition to fill the swear box.

Familiar faces from British TV and low budget films abound and you know the makers have set their sights low when the introduction of American movie legend Mark Hamill elicits a ‘blimey he looks old’ rather than a ‘wow it’s Luke Skywalker!’ Hamill leads by example in a master class of scenery chewing and the delivery of corny lines.

The plot makes very little sense and the supernatural element is just silly. By the end you may find yourself asking what the point of it all was.

At least four members of the cast have appeared in The Bill, we are talking real cinematic quality here.

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