Christmas Cracker! – Scrooged

What you may not already know about 'Scrooged'

Here are a few little bits of information to get you in the mood for ‘Scrooged’ this Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled for the review coming soon!

– All of Bill Murray’s brothers make an appearance in Scrooged. They are Brian Doyle-Murray, John Murray and Joel Murray.

– Richard Donner, the director, made a cameo near the end as a worker in the control room

– When the Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane) grabbed Bill Murray’s lip she tore his lip so badly that filming was halted for several days.

– The budget for the film was a huge $32million

– The USA gross alone totalled $60million

– Continuity failure: At the end of the movie, on set you see scenes with snow on people. During cut scenes, the snow comes and goes.

- About a third of the way through the credits, Bill Murray appears with the word "Scrooged" across the screen in front of him. He looks down and brushes the front of his jacket a few times, with each brush a couple of the letters in the title chase off the screen as if he's brushing them off his jacket.

- Scrooged was nominated for one Oscar in 1989 for best makeup.

– Continuity failure: After the encounter with the Ghost of Christmas Past, Frank decides to visit Claire at work. The business card she gave him says “Operation Reach Out” but the doors Frank walks into say “Operation Outreach”.

One of the original theatrical trailers for Scrooged:

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