Who Played It Best: Spock

Think Leonard Nimoy's Spock is the best? Read on to see who we crown as the best Spock in our Who Played It Best: Spock edition.

Star Trek fans may be in uproar at the very suggestion that anyone but Leonard Nimoy could pull off such a performance as the Enterprise’s Vulcan science officer but more recent efforts may suggest otherwise…

who played it best spock 2012

Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek TV Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wrath of Khan and Star Trek movie

The American actor, complete with stick-on ears, some pointy brows and an unflattering haircut became a Comic-Con icon for his role in the original 1960’s TV series alongside William Shatner. Unable to process more ‘illogical’ goings-on, Nimoy’s Spock was straight-faced and acted as the conscience of the Enterprise’s crew. He offered an other-worldly perspective on the human condition making him creepy, wise and cool all at the same time.

Zachary Quinto – Star Trek movie

It’s tough when a young gun is forced to fill an well-known and loved role but Quinto’s performance as a younger Spock – with a completely re-cast crew of the Enterprise – was highly praised as Quinto used Nimoy as his main influence. Sure, it’s all set in an alternative universe where Spock is a little less intimidating and the old Spock actually talks to him through holograms and whatnot, but Quinto’s Spock revealed a lot more about the character’s origins and subsequent no-nonsense attitude which made him the cultural enigma that he is today.

The Verdict: A good attempt by Quinto but you can’t beat an original.

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