Christmas Cracker! – Gremlins

A little Gremlins teaser to get you into the Christmas mood!

A few interesting facts you may not know about Gremlins:

– Magwai is actually Cantonese Chinese for ‘Demon’ or ‘Gremlin’

– There is a cameo by Steven Spielberg, where he plays the role of a man in a wheelchair

– Would you believe that in the original screenplay Gizmo transforms from a likeable character, into the evil gremlin, Stripe?

– Gremlins proved to be a massive hit back in 1984, making $148million that year in the US alone.

– There has been recent rumours floating around that Gremlins 3 will be produced in the near future and in 3D. So far, nothing has been confirmed.

– The budget for Gremlins was $11million

– When the cocoons are opening up in Zach’s room, it can obviously be seen to have a green light bulb inside one of them.

– When Billy carries Gizmo to the bathroom to bandage his head, Gizmo is visible in the bathroom, already sitting on the counter.

– This was the first movie in years to use Warner Bros’ “shield” logo, and

– According to Joe Dante and Michael Finnell, the original rough cut of the film ran 2 hours and 40 minutes.

The Gremlins review is available here: Gremlins (1984)

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