Movie News: The Dark Knight Rises Viral Campaign Continues

We look at what the latest addition to The Dark Knight Rises' viral campaign shows us about Christopher Nolan's final Batman instalment.

The Dark Knight Rises, expected to be this summer’s biggest scoring blockbuster, turned its viral marketing campaign up a notch this week with the release of three pages from the Gotham Observer, Gotham City’s daily newspaper (priced at a very reasonable one dollar). Fans of Christopher Nolan’s iconic Batman films have been avidly scanning the pages for any and all clues to the plot of the movie, in which Christian Bale will return as the disgraced superhero vigilante tasked with facing down new arch-enemy Bane (Tom Hardy).

On the front page of this edition are the city’s plans for ‘Harvey Dent Day’, an event that will apparently become a yearly festival for Gotham after the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) in what is described as a ‘tragic accident’. Of course, those of us who have seen The Dark Knight will remember that Harvey Dent’s/Two-Face’s death was a little more complicated than that. The article goes on to discuss the growing mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Batman, who has become Gotham’s most wanted criminal following Dent’s death. Events planned for Harvey Dent Day include a parade, a football game and a charity gala to take place at Wayne Manor.

Elsewhere in Gotham, the paper reports, a spate of burglaries has been taking place – someone has been breaking into homes and stealing large amounts of very valuable jewellery, including a diamond necklace. This could be the handiwork of Selina Kyle/Catwoman – but who’s to say? Also being ransacked are various construction sites around the city, with one (belonging to an unnamed ‘local construction mogul’) remaining mysteriously unscathed. Is this the build-up of Bane’s evil plan, perhaps?

In other news, Gotham’s public library is to be renamed, and a football player named Zach Harris is rejoining the Gotham Rogues. We can only assume that the library and the football team will both feature in key sequences of the film (in fact, we have already seen from the trailer that something pretty catastrophic is going to take place during a football match, possibly the charity match mentioned in the lead story).

Other additions to the paper include an advert for ‘The Dew Crew’ (The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign is being sponsored by the soft drink Mountain Dew) and an ad for a company called Rykin Data, who claim to be ‘revolutionising personal security’ – we’re betting there’s something a bit shifty going on there…

And finally, should you feel the need, you can check out your horoscope. The jury is out on what Batman’s star sign might be, but most of us internet geeks seem to think that Bruce Wayne’s birthday is February 19th – this would mean that he is a Pisces, and his Gotham Observer horoscope reads: ‘Although things seem hard, it’s your job to rise up and face them.’ Certainly seems to ring true for the caped crusader…

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