Top Five Royal Films

We celebrate the Queen's Jubilee the only way we know how - through our passion for film. Here's our top five royal movies...

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee we here at Roobla thought we’d compile a list of the top royal movies. It was quite difficult and, instead of filling the list with Shakespeare adaps, we went on movie titles alone (hey, we’re not fickle!). So sit back with Pimms in hand and enjoy our top five royal movie compilation and be happy we didn’t include Your Highness…


5. The Princess Bride

Before he was being tormented by the evil Jigsaw in Saw, Cary Elwes was playing the hero in The Princess Bride. With the boastful tagline ‘not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale’, Rob Reiner’s comedy managed to mix humour, adventure, love and fantasy into one package: The Princess Bride. And when the story is being read to a grandson by a Peter ‘Columbo’ Falk, what’s not to love?

Would the Queen enjoy it? We think she might have a soft spot for this children’s classic.

4. The Royal Tenenbaums

Wes Anderson’s 2001 flick The Royal Tenenbaums continues his off-kilter style and features star performances from Gene Hackman, Anjelica Huston, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Bill Murray – we could go on. The film focuses on the lives on an estranged family, namely Hackman’s terminally ill Royal Tenenbaum.

Would the Queen enjoy it? She might be a closet Anderson fan, but she may not like Hackman’s claims of royalty.

3. The Queen

Helen Mirren provides a show-stopping performance as the Queen in, well, The Queen. Based after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the film catalogues the Queen’s struggle to react to the events that happened in the shadow of the terrible accident.

Would the Queen enjoy it? We’re going to vote no.

2. The Lion King

Disney’s 1994 animation, loosely based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet (okay, we know we promised no adaptations, but they’re talking lions) won hearts the world over thanks to its wild array of characters. From the adventurous and oft-tortured soul Simba to the powerful father Mufasa, fun loving Timone and Pumbaa to crazy monkey Rafiki, the film marries humour and song with heart and loss to create an empathy-fuelled story.

Would the Queen enjoy it? We think she would… maybe even to the extent that she might coerce Will and Kate to call their first-born Simba.

1. The King’s Speech

Wowing audiences in 2011, The King’s Speech proved that royalty really are like the rest of us thanks to Colin Firth’s impacting role as King George, a man forced to face his stammering demons after his brother abdicates for love. Featuring a great supporting cast (including Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter), the film shows the human side of royalty.

Would the Queen enjoy it? We think yes, it’s a nice biopic of her father.

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