Movie News: Robert Pattinson linked to The Hunger Games

Lionsgate are rumoured to be interested in casting Robert Pattinson for a role in Hunger Games sequel...

He may be trying to move away from his most famous role as Edward Cullen, teen heart throb from the Twilight franchise, but it has been rumoured that Robert Pattinson may appear in Catching Fire, the sequel to the hugely successful The Hunger Games.

Although it’s still very much a rumour, the news will delight fans of both the Twilight and Hunger Games movies. Lionsgate are believed to be interested in casting Pattinson as Finnick Odair, a previous victor of the barabaric hunger games and serial ladies man, mimicking his role in Bel Ami.

Currently set to star in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, the Brit has famously shied away from the attention his role in the Twilight films have garnered, so he may yet decline the rumoured casting offer. The director of the sequel has, however, previously worked with Pattinson on Water For Elephants so may be able to convince the star to take the part.

If Pattinson does appear in Catching Fire he will be the only actor to appear in three of the biggest adaptation sagas to date, having appeared in Twilight and Harry Potter (as Cedric Diggory).

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