Hollywood Olympic Stars

We pit some of cinema's biggest characters against each other in our Hollywood Olympics. Who will win? Read on to find out...

In the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics there has been a lot of talk about the next Olympic superstars; the young athletes who are going to bring home the gold. But with all this focus on the up-and-comers, we’re concerned a lot of potential is being overlooked. Scouts have been going to swimming pools, local track fields and boxing rings. But what about the most obvious location for talent spotting: the cinema?! Surely Hollywood’s writers have churned out some potential sporting winners? Does it really matter if some of them are slightly older, cartoons or, y’know… fictional? Don’t they deserve the chance to represent their countries and make Mum proud? We take a look at some Hollywood Olympic stars…


If some of our favourite movie characters were given the chance to compete, we’d see plenty of talent and medal after medal being won. But we’d also see a hell of a contest! Who would win? Who would find themselves on the top of the podium? There’s only one way to find out… (or guess at least.)

800m Track

Gold: Forrest Gump
He ran for three years! This would be a piece of cake.
Silver: Ethan Hunt
There’s no Mission Impossible for Hunt. If his karate-chopping run saves him from explosions, it would serve him well on the track.
Bronze: Dennis
Run Fatboy Run… and he would!

1500m Freestyle Swimming

Gold: Madison
To be fair, being a mermaid, she’s probably had quite a bit of practice Splash-ing around…
Silver: Dory
In the midst of Finding Nemo, Dory had to swim a fair distance. Being a fish will also probably help her in this event.
Bronze: Jack
An odd choice, but once the Titanic sank and before his selfish girlfriend hogged the door, he managed a decent swim AND a fight in icy cold water. As long as Rose wasn’t in sight, he’d stand a fair chance.


Gold: Katniss Everdeen
Her aim, accuracy and speed came in very handy before and during The Hunger Games and would take her to gold in the far less brutal Olympics.
Silver: Legolas
His skills with a bow and arrow helped the fellowship defeat Sauron, The Lord of the Rings. A little bit of competitive sporting would be nothing.
Bronze: Robin Hood
Possibly the most famous archer of all time, but his modern competitors may just squeeze him out of first and second place.


Gold: Mickey O’Neil
His ability to come back from what seems like certain defeat means he’d certainly Snatch the gold from under his competitor’s noses.
Silver: The Narrator
Psychological issues aside, he threw a few decent punches in Fight Club. With so much practice, he’d feel at home in the ring.
Bronze: Bob Barker
He may be better known for his game-hosting abilities but his remorseless beating of Happy Gilmore would certainly put him in contention at the Olympics.

Gymnastics- Artistic

Gold: Alex Owens
She might be all about the Flashdance, but if her final audition was anything to go by, she’d ace the floor exercise.
Silver: Tarzan
Swinging on vines and leaping over branches will have prepared him for either the High Bar or the Vault. A gymnastic all-rounder.
Bronze: Indiana Jones
It’s all about the balance, and one must remember the amount of invisible bridges and narrow ledges he had to handle. The parallel bars wouldn’t faze him.


Gold: Xiao Mai
Being part of the House of Flying Daggers gives you some decent training in throwing things.
Silver: Thor
This God child knows how to throw a hammer. Surely he could handle a javelin?
Bronze: Clove
Well, her knife throwing abilities may not have won her The Hunger Games, but they’d at least get her a Bronze at the Olympics.

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