Review: Saving the Titanic (2012)

Movie review of Saving the Titanic, a film that tells the true stories of the workers on one of history's most infamous ships.

The true story of the stokers, firemen and engineers of the RMS Titanic whose brave actions helped to delay the inevitable and save countless lives.

Saving the Titanic offers a fascinating account of the famous disaster and is taken from a unique point of view. Dramatised from the true life statements, accounts and letters of the men whose job it was to feed the boilers and power the enormous ship, it offers an alternative take on the story that has been told so many times.

Eschewing the normal grand spectacle of the sinking, this takes a much more personal look at the unsung heroes and offers new insights. Mixing drama with documentary lifts this version above its more showy brethren and, while it may not boast blockbusting special effects, its heart is just as big.

A must for anyone with even a passing interest in the Titanic story, is entertaining enough for all.

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