Scarlett Johansson Gets her Own Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Avengers Assemble star Scarlett Johansson receives star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

Whilst Avengers Assemble is still wowing audiences across the globe, the Black Widow’s alter-alter ego is being credited on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Scarlett Johansson was joined by fellow Avengers Assemble cast members Jeremy Renner and Clark Gregg as she accepted the accolade. Avengers Assemble is continuing to break records as fans of the previous Marvel super hero movies flock to cinemas to watch the ensemble piece.

scarlett johansson walk of fame with fans

Scarlett Johansson has had a varied career and has worked with many prestigious names including director Christopher Nolan (in The Prestige) and Bill Murray (Lost in Translation) whilst she appeared in the much acclaimed Girl With A Pearl Earring opposite Colin Firth. Johansson famously married Ryan Reynolds in 2008 but the couple separated in 2011.

The star is one of the few Avengers who has yet to have her own movie but, after the success of Avengers Assemble, could it be possible execs would consider a Black Widow film? Let us know your thoughts about this as well as what you think about her getting her star on the Walk of Fame via Twitter!

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