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Floating down on Windy’s binding chains, a sequel series to the popular magical girl manga Cardcaptor Sakura is set to run in Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine from 3rd June – according to AnimeNewsNetwork.

Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary, the original manga series, published by CLAMP, ran from May 1996 until June 2000 selling an estimated 12 million copies. It was also adapted into an anime series (renamed Cardcaptors when dubbed into English) and two movies.

CLAMP are returning to publish the new series, which sees the titular heroine Sakura Kinomoto, having become the new master of the powerful but mischievous Clow Cards, start her first year of junior high school, but it’s not long before she is having a strange dream and an incident unfolds.

This new series is not the only way the anniversary is being celebrated in Japan. The anime’s first full arc has been rerun on Japanese TV channel NHK. A book of previously published illustrations released back in March and six Animate Cafés, a chain of specialist cafés across Japan, opened with a new Cardcaptor Sakura theme in early April.

There is as yet no news on any plans to eventually adapt the new manga into English, with the original last released by Dark Horse Comics between 2010 and 2012 as four large omnibuses.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork