Chief Editor: 15 Favourite Tweets from Leonard Nimoy

Our beloved Mr Spock is no more, but he lives on through his many achievements and the heartening messages he left behind

The death of our honorary grandfather Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Mr Spock in Star Trek, has left all at Roobla extremely saddened.

We take comfort from the fact that he certainly did live long and prosper (see Ian Bailey’s piece The Most Human to find out more about his life and work). However, it feels strange to know that he’s no longer a Tweet away.

Here are 15 of our favourite of his Tweets. He ended each one with his signature acronym, LLAP (Live Long And Prosper).

1. That’s a big yes please, Grandpa Leonard.

2. All are welcome in the honorary family of Mr Spock.

3. An intriguing piece of Spock family history.

4. We’ll make it our business to enjoy it – both real grandchildren and honorary!

5. Nimoy hangs out with his younger self, the exceptionally logical Zachary Quinto.

6. Nimoy’s Twitter account is currently at 1.19 million followers.

7 & 8. His honorary Twitter family lavish virtual hugs upon him – and why not.

9. Remembering five decades of Star Trek goodness.

10. Spock, forever the best character to go as for Halloween.

11. Exercise your right to vote – Spock style!

12. We feel ya, Leonard.

13. Another look back at Star Trek history from our favourite Vulcan time traveller.

14. Don’t forget the ability to make more! Hope the stranger takes that away, too.

15. Leonard Nimoy’s final Tweet.

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