Groundhog Day set for Repeat Performance

Popular 1993 film comedy Groundhog Day is to be resurrected on stage

You’ve seen it over and over – and over again – but now the 1993 film comedy smash Groundhog Day is to be resurrected for the stage.

That pesky lil’ Pennsylvanian town of Punxsutawney, not to mention its resident rodent Punxsutawney Phil, that gave Bill Murray such a hard time, are back – again.

None other than comedian and musical maestro Tim Minchin has taken on the far from easy job of helping to adapt this all-time classic from screen to stage. But anyone who has composer and lyricist for Matilda, the hit Roald Dahl-inspired musical, on their CV, is as capable a pair of hands as you’ll get.

The original movie was directed by Murray’s long-time collaborator Harold Ramis, but while it’s highly unlikely that either of those two will be involved in any way whatsoever, writer Danny Rubin will definitely be scripting this new incarnation. Minchin is in charge of the music and lyrics, with Matthew Warcus, himself one of the brains behind Matilda, has been named as director. Of Rubin, Minchin gushed: “I’m truly honoured – and genuinely excited – that Danny is letting me have a crack at it.”

In the film, the story centres around a grumpy weatherman who is sent to a seemingly sleepy town to do a report, only to be caught in a time loop whereby he is forced to live the same day repeatedly until he becomes rather less grumpy. Through his own website, Minchin talks of the new version being ‘both instantly recognisable, and utterly different.’ He goes on to state that ‘it would be impossible to try to translate the style and tone of the movie to the stage… and even if it were possible, it wouldn’t interest me.’

The Aussie comic also said: “You won’t hear any more about it from us until we know where and when we’re going to put it on.” No set dates then, but it is rumoured that the initial stages could begin this summer, which means we could see a grand opening within several years. Sounds like perfect timing for the film’s 25th anniversary!

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