A Landscape painted by Turner

Misc News

The annual January exhibition of J.M.W Turner‘s watercolours is once again opening at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh.

Regarded as ‘the painter of light’, Turner is one of the best-loved British Romantic landscape and seascape painter.  From his early topographical wash drawings to sketches of Europe, these 38 watercolour collections have been bequeathed by the distinguished art collector, Henry Vaughan, in 1900. Thanks to his extensive collection of Turner that include those in the National Gallery of Ireland and Tate Britain, people can immerse themselves in the delicate serenity and the atmospheric landscape of Turner every January.

This tradition of this January exhibition began with Vaughan’s request for the collection to be ‘exhibited to the public all at one time, free of charge, during the month of January’, a wish that has been faithfully kept for over 100 years. This limited exposure ensures the preservation of the works’ glorious colours by keeping them away from exposure from light. 

 Turner in January 2014 is exhibited in Room 8, Scottish National Gallery, and the admission is free of charge. January only.