Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure fantasy drama video game based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels by George R. R. Martin and their TV adaptation Game of Thrones.

Release Date(s)
US: Tue 3 Feb, 2015
UK: Tue 3 Feb, 2015

Whilst the scenes are short, Lost Lords moves fast and still hits its targets 90% of the time, missing only a few times. While this isn’t as strong as are first outing with the Forrester’s, I can’t fault them for strong acting and beautiful looking surroundings. Once again we jump between Kings Landing to Ironrath and the newly conquered city of Yunkai, the former slave city. It’s eventful following the same structure as the first episode but missing the HBO punches of the show. The backstabbing and political games of cat and mouse are missing but there’s always room for them to return.

When the episode started and I was greeted by my previous decisions, my heart started to pound as the music immediately brings you back into the action. I was also glad to see that the starting credits greet you again which makes it feel like a smaller season of the show. With the familiar music also, I immediately felt like I had just finished the previous episode a few seconds before rather then months.

“With strong writing and some hard hitting, emotional scenes for the characters, Ironrath again shows some fantastic writing.”

Asha Forrester, who is mentioned by name in Iron from Ice, is revealed in this episode as a cocky, good looking mercenary hiding in Yunkai. Along with his partner in crime, Beskha, they are a lighter side to the episode, murderous rampages aside. While they are light hearted and likeable my problem is while their scenes are great, they’re too short and too few. Asha won’t have you doing anything that is strong and give you any meaningful decisions like the other three characters but its still a great introduction.

Back at Ironrath with the family of House Forrester, a new playable character appears picking up the pieces of the tough and strong ending of Iron from Ice. With strong writing and some hard hitting, emotional scenes for the characters, Ironrath again shows some fantastic writing. Whilst decisions may not seem like they matter in this episode, things do come to boiling point, which I expect to be costly in the long run.

Mira Forrester again stands out in this episode as we returned to Kings Landing where the toughest choice of the episode greeted me. While it didn’t show much impact this episode I get the feeling that they are just biding their time as everything will start to come to a head in the next episode. I found that with everyone in Lost Lords nothing feels like it’s impacting anything, which will annoy some people but as it is working so closely with the show I can’t be too harsh about something that is out of its control. Back to the decision that is to be made – whilst there is no timer for this decision I started to wish there was because I started to rack my brain of the consequences that could happen. It’s hardest decision you make and the most brilliant at the same time because it shows Telltale at its best and something I want more of in the upcoming episodes of the game.

Game of Thrones_20150204233043
“With a murder mystery and a few pieces of brilliant writing, it seems a lot of waiting comes with Game of Thrones.”

Garred Tuttle’s introduction to living as crow of the Nights Watch on the wall left me feeling that it was more of a Jon Snow introduction then a continuation of Gerrad’s story. The pace constantly felt like it was grinding to a halt with little to do other then establish who out of the new recruits is a friend and who is a foe. Then some quick time events to show off your skills, it felt like being with Samwell Tarley watching him train. Jon Snow, whilst brilliantly acted, does nothing to pick up the pace. The only thing that saves his scenes is the artistic flair and visuals of the wall and north of the wall make for some beautiful visuals that I hope we get more of in episodes to come.

My problem with Lost Lords is it never really feels like it gets going it just feels more like an extension of the previous episode, but Asha and the new playable character help keep it fresh. With a murder mystery and a few pieces of brilliant writing, it seems a lot of waiting comes with Game of Thrones. But the only problem with waiting is that will it pay off when everything finally comes to a bloody head. At the moment I pray that it does but the way its playing out unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it will.

Strong acting, strong Visuals, some great new introductions.
Never really gets going. Feels like an extension rather then a second episode.
Total Score