Formula Fusion is a futuristic racing game set in 2075 in which formula one has evolved into anti-gravity racing. Many will be familiar with the anti-gravity combat racing genre through Wipeout and fans of that series will be happy to see that R8 Games Ltd with Formula Fusion are looking to bring the genre into the next gen. Significantly, part of the team at R8 are people who worked on WipeOut before and you can certainly tell – it’s almost identical.

In Formula Fusion there are ten teams which form up the United-TransAmerican-States World Antigravity Racing Series 2075. These teams are made from a variety of countries grouped by world regions which you can select to race for. Currently in the early access there are five courses for you to select set in futuristic cities to race against AI, online or lap time trials, although they are aiming to have a total of 22 upon full release. Alongside this there are three vehicles to choose from in your vehicle’s garage which is customisable with upgrades to help you get an advantage over your rivals. This is where competition heats up in the race rather than being your standard racing game.

In the garage you are able to fine tune your vehicle to suit your race style. Using seven slots you upgrade your vehicle through researching technologies, which is possible by earning currency in races. These allow you to boost your engine, handling, braking, anti-gravity tech, defence and defensive/offensive weapons. From what I’ve played so far due to the speed of your vehicle, I’d definitely say handling is the key one there – I keep crashing into the walls. Your weapons though are massively important. You can select from an energy bolt, gauss cannon or mines to beat your opponents. Each weapon is also again customisable with up to 5 upgrades, such as increased fire rate or bullet ricochet, to boost your chance of success. Blowing up in a race at least once is fairly standard – unless you’re bloody good.

Although it doesn’t appear to be available in the game’s current state, leagues and championship options will be available for solo and multiplayer (both local and online). Ambitions are certainly set high by R8 Games as they are looking to be in eSports with these gameplay options. These would be set up in solo play but also team races. This would mean that your garage and customisable options could become even more important in order to work together with teammates to get a good composition to win races.

Overall if you have been a fan of Wipeout in the past then Formula Fusion looks like it won’t disappoint, particularly with its quite decent graphics using Unreal Engine. The racing is also accompanied by a fast-paced futuristic techno soundtrack which pairs with the actual speed you are going quite well and the chaotic gameplay, which in order to perfect would take a lot of practice. The game certainly has a lot of promise and if R8 Games Ltd delivers in the areas that they are promising, then the anti-gravity combat racing genre could make a comeback.

Currently the game is on Steam in early access but the developers are also looking to release the game on console. We will have a full review upon the game’s final release.